Purchase policy


The Board of Directors establishes the basic principles and general action framework for managing purchasing and which defines the supplier relations model.

Mahou San Miguel has a function with the means for controlling and managing purchasing. Exercised by the Purchasing Department, under the direct supervision of the General Finance and Strategy Management Division, it is responsible for adequately and sustainably providing the needed goods and services on a timely basis and with the required quantity, and quality, at the lowest total cost and minimum risk to our business, and respecting the principles established in the United Nations Global Compact, as well as responsibility for implementing and maintaining a purchasing management system in accordance with UNE-15896 European standard, all in accordance with the following:

  • To ensure that purchases are organised and planned so as to allow those involved in the process to perform their duties effectively and efficiently, under the guidance of the General Purchasing Procedure in the Purchasing Process.
  • To be knowledgeable about the supplier market and our internal expectations as a basic condition for satisfying them and contributing value.
  • To strengthen transparency and non-discriminatory values by establishing an honest and open professional framework and giving all suppliers the possibility of working with Mahou San Miguel, and by taking purchasing decisions based on objective and impartial criteria.
  • To promote strict compliance with contract terms, current legislation, and applicable standards and procedures, particularly in relation to human rights, labour, occupational risk prevention, quality, food safety, and the environment.
  • To provide goods and services that meet our quality standards, especially those that are part of the products or services that reach our customers and consumers.
  • To promote stable relationships with our suppliers, based on the highest quality standards, transparency, continuous improvement, and mutual benefit, whilst promoting activities aimed at innovation and development.
  • To ensure that the companies that supply goods and services operate within the framework of a solid policy of corporate social responsibility and business ethics, promoting responsible purchasing.