Be a supplier
At Mahou San Miguel we fulfil our internal and external commitments honestly, pursuing mutual benefit in all our relationships.

Our suppliers are key partners in satisfying our customers' and consumers' needs, which is why they must guarantee a suitable level of operations and quality of the goods and services contracted from them, making them the best option available on the market to meet each of our needs. We look for:

  • Strict compliance with current legislation in all its aspects
  • Rigorous compliance with the agreements made with us: quality, respect for the environment, safety, health and safety, financial, commercial and legal issues, etc.
  • Proactivity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation capacity
  • Performance of the business activity in line with principles of responsibility, sustainability and business ethics

Mahou San Miguel therefore has a system that registers and classifies suppliers taking all these aspects into account. If you are interested in forming part of our register, you can apply for admission through this website by completing a series of forms that follow established criteria and standards.